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I'm Paul


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"I worked with Paul while creating Indoor Ascents. Because the start-up was at MVP when Paul started consulting, it was in pretty rough shape as far as design went. Paul was able to break down the different aspects of the project and make simple changes and suggestions that could be incorporated over time. It was clear that Paul cares deeply about iterating on user feedback in order to achieve the best user experience possible. He was able to drive his own work and clearly communicated his needs. I had a positive experience working with Paul, and I would highly recommend him for any UX or UI role."

- Carson

"Paul is a wonderful coworker and employee. He is always eager to learn something new and goes out of his way to get feedback and use it to improve. He takes a creative approach to problem-solving that considers multiple perspectives in order to come up with the best solution. Paul helped streamline departmental procedures without being asked, helped his peers regularly, and always went above and beyond in serving our customers. In addition to creating a high-quality work product, Paul is a genuine, understanding person who brings fun and excitement to any project he touches. Paul is a true asset to any company or team"

- Sara

"Paul made my photography experience feel so easy and relaxed! He was incredibly flexible with my group's schedule and made us each feel individually special and beautiful during our photoshoot! Overall we were more than pleased with our shots and had a fun time doing it! 10/10 would recommend"

- Andrea

"Along with being a joy to work with, Paul delivers fantastic results! He truly puts his all into the projects he works on, and it shows. His experience in SEO truly paid off—he helped us fine tune our Google Ads, and optimzed our webssite. This led to our page rank moving up considerably. We would absolutely hire him again for future projects"

- Nancy

I'm not crying ugly tears you are....


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