Bocav Case Study

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UX/UI Design like any other field requires practice and practice needs to start somewhere. Bocav was my start in UX/UI and I fell in love.


Bocav is a mobile app that provides an inviting and fun way for users to learn any subject.

Purpose & context

Bocav was a personal project I conducted the research, design, and testing for to demonstrate my proficiency as a UX/UI designer.


The aim of creating Bocav was to introduce myself to the role of a UI/UX designer and quickly turn around a simple mobile product.


Adobe XD, Photoshop.

In the process of creating Bocav, I generated the following deliverables

User interviews, proto-personas, user flows, Lo-Fi wireframes, Lo-Fi prototypes, user test development, user testing report, Hi-Fi prototypes, and a design presentation.


UX/UI design’s foundation is in the research and to start off the development of Bocav I looked at other applications, and interviewed potential users from this research, I found the following.

findings image

Following research, I moved forward to creating user flows and then moved into generating Lo-Fi wireframes. During this period I decided that I wanted to have the overall visual feel be fun, so the majority of the interactive icons would be circular.

Lo-Fi wireframes image


Once my lo-fi wireframes were generated and then transformed into prototypes I generated a research plan to try to see if I had created an easy-to-learn and efficient mobile application. Some of the things that were found during testing were that:

  1. A majority of user complaints came from prototype issues rather than the design.
  2. Testers loved the circular aesthetic.
  3. Using the same icons in different areas for different actions was hard to understand for users as a perceived meaning had already been set.
Hi-Fi wireframes


Once static high-fidelity mockups were finalized I generated a finalized prototype. The prototype included 25 interactive pages


Although bocav is not a groundbreaking product I broke ground on a new career for myself and I fell in love. What I learned that I’ve put to use since designing bocav is that regardless of what you believe as the designer makes sense to you will not always make sense to the user and because of this testing is essential.

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